Commercial Guideline

Address Creative Lounge MOV, Shibuya Hikarie Building 8F, 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact MAIL:
Phone 050-5532-3922
Fax Number 03-6700-1759
Service for Share House Listing We offer information about share houses around Tokyo. Users can inquire directly about houses of their interest.
Service of Event listing Users can post and search for share-related events. This service helps users look for event participants.
Note: Share-related events include: ① Events using a share house and/or co-working space, ② Persons running a share house and/or co-working space, or persons we deem to be involved in such facility, ③ Events with share as its concept.
Service of Event function We will charge 15% of participation fee according to our company policy from those who posted (host) as the charge for the function.
In addition, the hose will be charged for the PayPal service according to their online settlement service policy.
Event participants shall not be required to pay to the service provided by our company but pay the participation fee for the event through the PayPal.
Event Content The details about the event, the entrance fee, and everything else is indicated.
Length of event service provided Services to be offered will be from the opening period until the expected due schedule.
Cancel Policy The users who opt to cancel on hosting the event should temporarily host the opening because they can not cancel once the event has officially started.
The participating users are able to cancel their event reservations before the expected due schedule.